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    Problem Exporting to Word Using Robo6 Trial Version

      When I export my HTML Help project to Word using RoboHelp 5 the export generates a multitude of (xe mergeformat) tags. Importing the Word doc back into RoboHelp 5 is seamless: my books and topics are maintained. This does not happen when I use the trial version of RoboHelp 6. The xe mergeformat tags are not created and when I import back into Word, the result is a bit of a mess. I called Adobe support and the support person was kind enough to test this for me. When she exported to Word using RoboHelp 6 the Word document included all the xe mergeformat tags. We walked through the steps she used to export to Word and they were identical to the steps I had completed. We came to the conclusion that the trial version of RoboHelp 6 did not completely support the export to Word and back to RoboHelp 6 functionality. Can this be true? Has anyone else encountered this problem? The ability to export to Word from RoboHelp and import Word back in to RoboHelp is vital to our process.
      Thanks for your help!