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    Which IDE for iPhone/iPad development?

    BaCbDc Level 1

      My OS is Win 7 and I have the windows test version
      of Flash Builder Burrito.


      There I can only develop for Android devices.


      I've heard it's only possible to develop for
      the iPhone/iPad with a Macintosh computer.


      Or is there a trick to develop for iPhone/iPad on Windows PC with Adobe software
      (because I don't want to pay a second time for Adobe software for MAC)

      and only copy the result to a Macintosh?

      Is it possible in the MAC version of Flash Builder Burrito

      to develop for iPhone/iPad (and also for Android)?


      Or have I to use a different IDE for iPhone/iPad apps because
      Apple wants native apps and Flash builder burrito
      is only for AIR/Flash app development?

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          So many questions! You should head over here:




          many people there have gone through the same thinking you have.


          For now though, you can develop iOS apps on Windows. The tricky parts are creating the certificates, but you should be able to find detailed steps for doing that. Worse case you could use a Mac to make the P12 file you'll need.


          I just use Flash itself, and not Flash Builder, so I have no trouble making iOS apps. In that other forum look around for Burrito tips, and also post a few individual questions, one about Burrito, another about the certificate, and so on. Having too many different topics in one post might put off someone who knows the answer to one aspect but not another.

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