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    Videoplayer that's beeing controlled from keyboard


      Hi all!


      1) I wan't to do a fullscreen videoplayer that listens to the keyboard and that plays a videoclip on demand. I will not use menues or onscreen buttons.


      It should work almost like a Video DJ application or a audio sampleplayer but for video. So; when I press any one of maybe ten keys the corresponding videoclip should be played.


      I intend to run this locally using Flash player hence not on a browser or on internet so I'm not really limited by bandwidth. I'm on CS4 Flash Professional.


      Any pointers, links or examples will help.


      2) Is there a IDE, a runtime development enviroment, for Flash aimed for AS?

      Despite working on a daily basis with digital media  for many years incl. coding in php, javascipt, asp.net, etc I still have a tough  time understanding Flash and AS3.


      3) A part from traditional keyboard input is there a way for Flash and/or Flashplayer to listen to an non-standard USB input, say a touchpad, joystick etc?




      regards, Per Mattsson