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    Video Sizing


      I have a web building program that allows flash videos to be posted. Since I don't know HTML, I like the convenience of this program.


      The only problem is that I cannot resize (proportionally) any of the videos. If the video is 720x480, then that's how the web page will display it - cannot be resized.


      I tried to find a way to start Premiere Pro so that the video size is smaller (not the basic presets when starting a new Pro project). I am desiring about 160 x 120 total video size.


      Is there a way to do this?


      I did actually create that size of image in the video, but the video size is still 720x480.


      Any suggestions?



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Typically, you would want to edit your footage at its original size, not at your intended destination size. Then, in encoding, you can specify the dimensions of your final destination file.


          Certainly, there are reasons that one can or should use different sequence dimensions than what their source dimensions are, but I think that in this case, you'll probably find it much easier to work at your footage dimensions and export to the final dimensions.