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    Topics missing when compile HTML Help

    pgcalc Level 1
      I have written and maintain Help systems for two products in RoboHelp 5.0. Each has compiled fine in WinHelp 4 format for years. When I compile either of them in HTML Help format (single .chm file), then double-click the resulting .chm file to open it, the Contents and Index appear to be populated properly, but I cannot open a topic when I double-click one in the Contents or Index. The topic window remains blank. I would think I should be able to open the .chm file independent of any application and open all topics contained within it, just as I can with a .hlp file.

      Should I be able to have access to all of my topics (about 2,000 indexed and 650 context-sensitive) just by double-clicking the .chm file? Are there specific project settings I need to set a specific way to get HTML Help to include all topics? Anything else I might be overlooking?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi pgcalc and welcome to our community

          I would guess you may be running the .CHM from a LAN? (Network)

          If so, take a look at this link.

          Cheers... Rick
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            pgcalc Level 1

            Thanks for the help. Running the .chm on a network was definitely part of the problem. However, I'm now finding that while I can open the topics that are listed in my Contents or Index, most of my topics are not being included in either of them. One of my Help systems uses a "See Also" button in most topics and the other doesn't. I don't seem to have a problem with dropped topics with the system that doesn't use "See Also". Could there be an issue with converting "See Also" to HTML Help?