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    Flash Builder & SVN

    teel_ Level 1

      Could someone help me installing Subclipse or some other SVN plugin for Flash Builder 4? Or is that even possible anymore. I tried the instructions on http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/2010/03/installing_subclipse_in_flash_builder_4.html and tons of other sites, but they don't work. Flash Builder is showing that Subclipse is installed, but there's no SVN options anywhere (views, preferences)


      All this works fine on a regular Eclipse, but not on FB.


      I'm using Windows XP if that makes any difference.

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          pinnamur Level 1

          I followed the instructions as in http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/2010/03/installing_subclipse_in_flash_b uilder_4.html and I noticed the preferences/perspective of SVN is available in Flash Builder after restarting the Flash Builder. I tried using Flash Builder 4 on Windows XP.


          Is Tigris logo dispalyed in About Flash Builder dialog (Help -> Product Details..), or SVNKit available in Flash Builder Installation Details dialog ? Did you see any Subclip plugins (org.tigris.subversion.subclipse....) in the plugins directory of Flash Builder installation ?

          Try using FlashBuilder.exe -clean option to see whether it recognizes the newly installed plugins.

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            teel_ Level 1

            Thanks, subclipse was in Plugins directory as it should and it was shown in "Installed Software" list. I removed everything and installed it again, this time selecting only Subclipse, Subversion Client Adapter and Subversion JavaHL Native Library Adapter (ie. only the required components and nothing else, unlike in the article above) and now it works.