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    Alpha Tween works fine in preview but not in swf


      I was wondering if somebody could  offer a few suggestions. I have a few words written in static text mode  which I have made a graphic symbol. On the timeline I have used both  motion tween and classic tween to create a aplha change from 0% to 100%.  I made sure I have enoough space on my timeline (10 frames).


      The  aplha tween works fine in preview mode however when I export the swf  the aplha tween is no longer working? I have tried breaking the text,  restarting flash, restarting my computer and similar suggestions from  other blogs such as:


      I was able to solve this by checking the box "Use runtime bitmap caching" under Blend in the properties panel for the MovieClip in question.


      I  am currently using Flash CS5 on a imac. Would be grateful for any  sugesstions as I don't understand how somethign that was working just  fine has suddenly stopped working? Bug?


      Thanks in advance