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    vertical scrollbar in AdvancedDatagrid

    F. Frank Level 1

      Hi all,


      i had a AdvancedDatagid with 100 rows and grouping.

      after starting the application, the vertical scrollbar is not displayed. but after expand one entry and close it again, the scollbar is shown.


      when i force the vertival scrollbar vie the command verticalScrollbarPolicy, the scollbar is shown but disabled. Again, after expand and close one entry, the scollbar is enabled.


      I suppose, the AdvancedDatagid has no idea how much rows are available after grouping. also the navigation via keys don't work correctly. The up-arrow works fine, but the down-arrow not. But when the scrollbar is correctly shown, the navigation via keys works perfect.

      After expand and close it looks like the adg calls a method and the rows will be calculate. depending of this update, ther scrollbar will be shown correctly.


      can someone tell me, how can i fix it?

      In the applicationComplete handler i call the groupCollection.refresh() method and the AdvancedDatagrid.refresh() method.


      thanks is advanced