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    Export/rendering differences with GPU acceleration on or off

    Paul_LS Level 4

      I have been having a number of issues using PPro CS5 with and without the GPU accelerated rendering. Most issues infact when the GPU acceleration is turned off.

      The first issue I would appreciate some input on is the export quality of a photo or video clip when rendered/exported from a high definition project. Easiest way to see the issue is with a photo (scaled in Photoshop to 1200x950) and simply exported as a jpg with GPU acceleration on and off. The jpeg exported using software rendering is soft (even using Maximun Render Quality). Then without doing anything I select the GPU acceleration and export as a jpg again and the image is crisp.



      In the example there are crops from the exported jpgs, actual size. The top left crop is with GPU acceleration, bottom right without.


      My graphics card is a GTX 260, running Widows 7 on an Intel Quad core.


      Other issues I am seeing is that if I work with GPU acceleration on and then export with GPU acceleration off I am seeing differences in the exported clips from what I see in the monitor during editing. For example if I create a "reflection" of a clip it's position will be different if GPU is on or off.


      I sometimes need to export with the GPU off because with complicated edits using multiple effects and tracks I get an error messaging saying the graphics card has lost communication with the driver and rendering stops. In this case I export using software rendering and the resultant exported clip not as I viewed in the monitor during editing.