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    What NAS Server solution?!?


      Hello everybody!



      After successfully build a NLE PC with your precious contributions, I'm looking for a peripheral solution [NAS Server] in order to gather and store all the company raw data files, in spite of the existent bunch of USB external devices, limited by r/w speed and network availability. Of course, I’m open to all of your approaches.


      The NAS Server idea came from the several needs to improve and expand the current organization and workflow with ease of operation. So, this equipment should be following these directions:


      - Good price/quality relation;

      - Permanent availability [LAN];

      - User management;

      - Initial storage space: 4TB/8TB;

      - Future expansion;

      - Data redundancy and recovery;

      - Reliability;

      - Others.


      The standalone equipment have some advantages like the smaller form factor, the lower power consumption and noise volume. However, it may result in a big problem in case of hardware or power supply failure, which may be increased by supplying wait times. It also can't be expanded in terms of hard drive number. In spite of resulting in a bigger size, the PC Solution has the advantages of being composed by several parts which can be replaced in case of physical failure. It can be expanded with ease in number and size as for storage size, and can rely on older and cheaper PC’s with free Open-Source operating systems like FreeNAS.


      For a budget of 500€ what would be your primary SOHO option, the standalone equipment or the PC alternative?


      What is the brand and products of your choice?


      What would be the starting PC main components?


      Should we use a software or hardware [motherboard] based RAID system?


      What RAID to use, 0, 1, 1+0, 5?


      What to do in case of data loss or array controller failure?




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          cjvieira Level 1

          Being alone in this one, I've managed to decide for the PC approach, mainly in spite of its expansion possibilities.


          For the NAS software there's a lot where we can start from, like FreeNAS, OpenFiler, Gluster [x86 only], TurnKey, AMAHI, EuroNAS, and so on. For now I elected FreeNAS in order to do the job.


          For the machine it self, here are the components I'm planning to use:


          - CASE: Halfmman Vogue MicroATX 500W [33,90 €]

          - MOTHERBOARD: Asus SKT1156 P7H55-M iH55 [82,00 €]

          - PROCESSOR: Intel Dual Core i3 540 3.06 GHz 8kt 1156 4Mb [69,90 €]

          - OS HDD: USB Drive / Unused HDD

          - DATA HDD: [RAID5] 3x Western Digital SATA-2 1,5TB 64Mb Caviar Green [3x 82,90€]

          - RAM: 2x 2048Mb DDR3 Kingston HyperX CL9 PC3 12800 [1600] [79,90 €]


          Starting with a 500,00 € budget, this initial solution cost 514,40 €.


          I would like to know your opinions.




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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            I would have a look at Thecus or QNAP.


            This is the one I personally use: http://www.thecus.com/product.php?PROD_ID=27 but other models may be applicable to your situation.


            iSCSI is a handy feature for managing the NAS.


            The QNAP alternative is http://www.qnap.com/pro_detail_feature.asp?p_id=180


            Both of these bring you way over your intended budget, but usually you only buy a NAS once, so they last for a long time, reducing yearly depreciation cost. Like a good tripod lasts several cameras and that is why a € 2 K+ tripod is usually not over doing it.

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              cjvieira Level 1

              In did, this would make my day in a matter of speech! However, I don't think it will be possible to work with that kind of prices!


              For my kind of budget, have you ever tested/used the FreeNAS alternative? What HDD configuration would you use?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                In the Thecus I use 7 x 7200.12 Seagate 1.5 TB disks in raid5. If you go back a long time in history, you may find posts by me about the lousy Seagate quality, because originally this NAS was shipped with the 7200.11 disks and within months 5 out of 7 failed. Since then all the disks were replaced with 7200.12's and they work reliably.


                I have never tested FreeNAS, because I have had the Thecus as my first NAS for years.


                I would definitely use a parity raid with hot-swappable bays and connected to a solid UPS and iSCSI. That already limits your choices quite a bit. I only found 7 products:


                6-1-2011 17-19-15.jpg