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    Problems to update from 9.4.0 to 9.4.1

    Agent_Nappi_007 Level 1

      I have a system with very limited access to the internet, so automatcally updating 9.4.0 to 9.4.1 is not possible.

      Therfore I´ve downloaded AcrobatUpd941_all_incr.msp and try to run that on a fresh install of 9.4.0 done with



      The error message that comes up is:



      Sorry for the German error message, but the underlying OS is German


      Hope somone can explain an easy way how to update from 9.4.0 to 9.4.1 on a PC that is not able

      to pulldown this update automtically.

      I cant belive that is not possible while it is possible on a client without limited internet access.


      Hope to see some good thoughts

      Thanks in advance.


      Regards Agent