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    Export documents inside an InDesign book in a single PDF file


      I have several documents inside an InDesign book. Is there a way that they can be exported into one single PDF file?


      Here is the script I am using:

          for (var i = 0; i < data.chapters.length; i++)
                  show_list.children[0].selection = i; show_list.show ();
                  DocName = data.chapters[i].name;
                  app.open (data.chapters[i], false);
                  f = new File (data.chapters[i].fullName.replace (/indd$/, "pdf"));

                  app.pdfExportPreferences.pageRange = PageRange.allPages;
                  app.documents.itemByName(DocName).exportFile(ExportFormat.pdfType, f, false, data.preset);


      The script exports them to PDF but each document is a separate PDF file.


      Any hep would be appreciated.  Thanks.