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    Qns on ADE / embedded fonts in .epub




      I've created several .epub files with non-English text, using an embedded font to help render the characters correctly. The file renders properly on iBooks and Calibre (and epubcheck validates the file correctly), but ADE is displaying question marks - which leads me to believe it's ignoring the font information altogether. The weird thing is that it's rendering the TOC labels correctly. Here's what my .css looks like:


      @font-face {
      font-family : Doulos SIL;
      font-weight : normal;
      font-style : normal;
      src : url(DoulosSILR.ttf);
      *:lang(nko) {
      font-family: 'Doulos SIL', Times, serif;
      direction: ltr;


      Can anyone provide information on the following:


      - Does ADE support embedded fonts? If so, what font formats are supported? (Doulos is TrueType)

      - Does ADE support the :lang pseudo element? (This is just to isolate the issue - if ADE doesn't support embedded fonts, this is a moot point.)


      Any info would be helpful. It looks like I'm running (on Windows 7 / 64bit). Thanks!

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          ErikWasTaken Level 1

          Okay, I think I've tracked it down.


          ADE doesn't appear to implement the :lang pseudo element. When I set:


          body {
          font-family: 'Doulos SIL', Times, serif;
          direction: ltr;


          life is good and the non-English characters are rendered properly.


          This does present a problem for multiple language documents, though. For example, I have a dictionary that has 4 writing systems. Having support for :lang(<xxx>) would help tremendously in this case. Is this something that is in the works for ADE?