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    Dreamweaver CS5 (Mac OS X 10.6) does not save site definitions


      All site definitions in Dreamweaver CS5 on Mac OS X 10.6.5 are lost after closing and restarting Dreamweaver.


      This is a fresh install on a new machine. I have tried numerous proposed solutions from the Dreamweaver FAQ and the forums, but no success.

      - uninstalled Dreamweaver with "delete all preferences" checked

      - manually deleted Dreamweaver preference files (Library:Preferences:Adobe:Dreamweaver CS5 Prefs and Library:Preferences:com.adobe.Dreamweaver-11.0.plist) and personal configuration folder (Library:Application Support:Adobe:Dreamweaver CS5:de_DE:Configuration which includes also the cach file)  before uninstall/reinstall

      - copied Dreamweaver prefs from an other computer where site definitions are saved as expected

      - Installed and uninstalled Dreamweaver 11.03 Upgrade

      - repaired keychains as suggested in an other thread although this does not seem a password issue


      This might be useful as well:

      - installation language is German

      - had first installed a downloaded version, later I tried installing from a CS5 DVD, but no success either

      - in the personal configuration folder there is a subfolder SiteCache including a .dws file and a folder containing a dwSiteColumnsMe.xml for each site. However none of these sites are showing up after Dreamweaver is restarted.


      What else can I do?


      thanks for your help