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    All I want to do is get the export value..

    gatzkerobgatzke Level 1

      All I want to do is get the export value from a combo box..


      1. I have a combo box

      2. It has text values that you can click

      3. The text values have export values associated with it

      4. When I click a text value from the list, I want to get the numeric value associated with it


      Example combo box:


      "Orange" has the export value of "1234"

      When I click "orange" I want to get the export value "1234" and alert it to the screen


      I'm using javascript, here's what I have so far:


      In the combo box properties I have the following validation script:




      I have a function in the document javascript:


      function theFruitClicked()




      This is alerting the text value not the export value.


      What else should I do to get the export value?


      Thank You.