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    RoboHelpHTML 8 stopped working; displays license agreement and then vanishes


      I have a licensed version of RoboHelp HTML 8 that I have been using on my Win7 (64-bit) machine for a year now.


      All of a sudden, 3-4 weeks ago, when I launch RH8, I get the License Agreement window with "Cancel", "Decline" and "Accept" buttons. No matter what I click - it goes away and RH8 never comes up. What happened? I re-ran the installation in Repair mode. No difference. I applied the 8.02 update (not sure if I already had that) and no difference. This happens every time I try to launch RH8HTML.


      I have run as admin, checked sysem event logs for messages, nothing.


      What can I do to fix this please?