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    Bought an upgrade... not my version?


      Hi again folks,


      I posted about a week ago about getting a new iMac and learned I needed to upgrade from my OLD AE 7.0 professional to the current version.  I decided I may as well upgrade to the entire CS5 Production Premium.  Upon upgrading, it asked what product I was currently running and I told it AE 7.0 pro and ordered the upgrade.


      When the box came in today I noticed it says:


      "To install this upgrade version of Adobe Creative Suite $ Production Premium, you must have one of the following:

      After Effects CS5, CS4, CS3, or CS2


      It doesn't say anything about EA 7.0 so I was worried about opening  the box and installing.  Will it be able to upgrade me all the way from 7.0?   Or are all these upgrades complete versions that don't really "build on" a pre-existing version and the "upgrade" tag simply refers to a price difference?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

          Hi Lynn,


          Yes, you'll be able to install your CS5 Production Premium as an upgrade from After Effects 7.0.


          There never was a product labeled "Adobe After Effects CS2", but After Effects 7.0 was the equivalent version.  (The video products weren't aligned with the rest of the Creative Suite until CS3.)  That the documentation refers to such a thing is an oversight.  Sorry about the confusion.


          When you install the CS5 upgrade, you don't need to install After Effects 7.0 beforehand.  The "upgrade" installer is the same as the regular installer, but you will need to provide your After Effects 7.0 serial number as proof of your upgrade eligibility.


          -=Tim Kurkoski

          -=Adobe After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder QE

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            Tillmanator Level 1

            Thanks so much.  It took an hour  or so, but everything went in just fine.