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    Just got PPro CS5 qustion on setup

    kmaultsby@live.com Level 1

      Hello everyone I kinded asked this question about nine months ago but things change a little.  I coming form using Final Cut Pro so please for give me.  I just installed Production Premium and open up Premiere to new projects.  My setup is a 1TB hard drive for OS and programs and two 1TB drives set for raid 0 I may add two more and make it a raid 5 in the near future.  Any way at the bottom of the general tab  it has Location C:\user\myname\documents\Adobe\Premire\5.0  Oh I will editing mostly AVCHD and very little DV material.


      Under Scratch Disk Tab it has Captured Video, Captured Audio, Video previews, audio previews set the same as project.  Ok I know this is not correct.  The Capture video and audio should go to my raid and for now video and audio preview should go to my raid also until I add another signal drive for that correct?