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    KPT Effects


      I have many of the KPT plugins and was working with them until recently when they all stopped working. Did Adobe come out with an update that rendered them useless? I get the error message "Could not complete the KPT FraxFlame II becuase the program could not be found." This message appears on all the KPT filters.  Anyone have the same problem and comeup with a reason and/or fix?


      I was using the 32 bit version of Photoshop on  a Win7-64 machine.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Which version of PS? Except for thel atest CS5 update, which might have relegated some legacy code in the plug-in API to retirement, Adobe don't mess with older versions of PS anymore... It's more likely some generic compatibility issue of these old, old plug-ins with e.g. W7's security features or a specific external DLL got updated and is now no longer compatible to KPT...



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            I'm using CS5. What a shame. Although these are old plugins, I haven't seen anything to take their place, plus the fact that they are so fun to work with.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Adobe did release some changes having to do with DLL security.  Many users saw them as failures to load scanner drivers, but I wonder whether some of the same issues could possibly apply to KPT plug-ins.


              A workaround involved adding the folder containing DLLs for scanners to the PATH variable.  That wouldn't be hard to test for the KPT plug-ins.  You'd have to find whatever folder(s) the KPT plug-ins added.



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                Doug.S Level 3

                FWIW,  I'm using CS5 32bit Ps on winXPhomeSP3 and

                have all the KPT plugins  (3, 5, 6 and effects)...they work OK.


                Just tried fraxflame and it works fine.


                Maybe Win7 has an issue even in 32bit....have not yet tried them on my 64bit Win7 Ps (even in 32bit mode) as its my laptop and only used for Ps infrequently.

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                  mikeengles Level 1



                  I find that the plugins work when CS5 is first started, but stop after a while. It sometimes helps to re enter the serial numbers.

                  Frax Flame and a couple of the others, do not work with largish pixel sizes. They go through the motions but with no result.


                  Mike Engles

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    Hm...  Try adjusting your Photoshop memory allocation (Edit - Preferences - Performance).  If the KPT plug-ins aren't using the Photoshop buffer suite but doing their own memory management, then adjusting Photoshop's allocation DOWN might help.



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                      jbaumchen Level 1

                      thanks all for taking the time to reply to my post. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugins, allocating only half the available memory to photoshop, (1.5GB in 32 bit mode).


                      I'm going to install a demo copy of PS CS5 on an old machine running vista and see what happens. Strange as they were working not long ago, on two different machines running win7-64. I updated PS on one machine but not the other, and have installed updates for windows on both machines so it must be something an MS update has done.  Thanks microsoft.

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                        mikeengles Level 1



                        My reply applies to WinXP pro SP2. All my 32 bit KPT plugins work, except for KPT2 32bit Texture explorer.

                        KPT3 works, but Photoshop looses focus and will not work until I click on its icon in the taskbar.

                        KPT 2 32 bit texture explorer just brings the whole thing down.


                        I was considering using Win7, but have not because I am sure most of these plugins will stop working.

                        I do use them and enjoy using them, because they are fun.


                        Mike Engles

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                          I think I have a partial answer to your question. I too had the same problem, and around the same time with a Windows 7,

                          64 bit machine, running Photoshop CS5 32 bit. I then tried using KPT 5 with Adobe Fireworks. You have to tell it where the Photoshop pluggin directory is in the preferences for Fireworks. To my surprise, when I tried to use it, it asked me for the serial number for KPT 5. Now, I do not remember ever needing that before, and I have been using the same install disk since 1998 (I think) on all of my computers (and there have been many). After putting in a KPT 5 serial number in Fireworks, it worked. KPT 5 now works with Fireworks. However, it still does not work with Photoshop.


                          Thus, this is a partial solution. Hope it helps. You can always do the KPT stuff in Fireworks, and then import it into Photoshop when you are ready. It is not perfect, but it does allow us to continue using KPT stuff a bit longer. Eventually, this old software will die, and we must get used to that eventual reality. But that day may not be today.

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                            I have the same problem, missing files - haven't changed my PC

                            /operating platform but did upgrate to CS5 - now they don't work.

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                              Noel Carboni Level 8
                              • Did you install the plug-in into Photoshop CS5, specifically?  Please describe how you did that.
                              • If so, note that owing to recent security changes in the way software loads DLLs, you may need to add the KPT installation folder to your PC's path.



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                                PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                                Thread moved out of the read-only forum (referred on the feedback site)


                                Isn't there a fix needed for KPT filters when using a machine with lots of RAM?

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                                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                                  Great thread. I gave up trying to use the KPT plugins several PS versions ago, which is a pitty because there some crackers amongst them.  Steve Caplin uses one as his preferred chrome effect as it works so well and saves hime time, and you can't get a better recommendation than that.

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                                    I Love my KPT plugins

                                    I now have CS6 they load but dont work.


                                    help please..

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                                      Has there been any update to the information on KPT filters? I'm running a Mac using OSX 10.8 with CS6, and I would love to have these filters, or filters that perform similar funtions, on my system. Could someone please let me know what versions of KPT you have that still work, or where I might be able to get knock-off filters that do the same things?

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                                        ventanas1 Level 1

                                        Just in case it helps, I also cannot get these to work (Photoshop CC) have tried KPT3; 5; 6 and effects. The only one that works strangely is KPT3 but it always crashes on exit.

                                        It does apply the effect though.

                                        In case it helps all of these work without any problem in Photoshop Elements 12. So this it what I do. it means a bit of switching between programs but it is a form of work around.


                                        Also of course, they all work in all versions of PaintShop Pro.


                                        Neither of these programs is very costly and may be worth considering if you want to continue using KPT.

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                                          ventanas1 Level 1

                                          When I installed KTP on an earlier machine running XP for some reason (I don't know why) I saved all the installed files for each version.

                                          A bit of luck because the installers for these will not run on Win 7.

                                          Now running Photoshop CC I simply copied the previously installed files from the external drive they were archived on to Photoshop CC's plugins folder.

                                          KPT3; 5; 7 and Effects all work perfectly on Photoshop CC.


                                          So if you can find an old PC with a pre Win7 installation I would try it.

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                                            ventanas1 Level 1

                                            Sorry, in the above post I should have mentioned that I had completely forgotten about these files when making the post on Aug 2nd.

                                            I found them due to a full reinstall of Windows and subsequent search for various bits a pieces.