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    Removing one word


      I had to remove just one spoken word from a clip of a person who is speaking into the camera.  The camera was fairly closeup to the person by design.  I was able to do that just fine (razor).  This results with a small hiccup in the edited clip because the speaker's head is in a different position before the word was removed compared to after.   What method can I use to minimize the difference in head position.  I tried a short cross-dissolve but that method is less than perfect.


      i chose to razor rather than mute the word audio.  If I muted the word, viewers would see the speaker's mouth the word and not hear any sound.


      Any recommendations? - Thanks

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            Wow... new heights of helpfulness...


            The immediate solution would be to cover up the edit with a cut-away of some sort, whether it's video or a graphic. I guess it depends on the nature of your project, though.


            One thing I've done in the past is to actually replace what was said with either another word (depends on the word and context, so that can be difficult) or an "um" or an "ah." We're so accustomed to hearing people speak with pauses, that it would probably not seem out of place.


            A third option--though perhaps a bit maddening--would be to edit out the segment of audio and then time remap the video. If the camera is not moving and the person is not moving too much, and they're not saying something like "antidisestablishmentarianism" this might work. Tie it in with a vocal pause, and you can sell it.

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              Unlink the Video and Audio.

              Cut out the word.

              Cut the audio 2 seconds before and after the word.

              Slow down those 2 parts so they fill up the word you cut.


              I've done this several times and no one ever noticed it (sometimes, I don't even hear it when I watch the results).

              Maybe you need to put a short dissolve transition between the two parts.

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                No can do.

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                  Great suggestions.  For the life of me, I cannot think of a logical cut-away in this particular case.  I never thought about remapping.  I'll give it a try.  Thanks

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                    I'll play with this approach, as well. - Thanks

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                      dont remember but I think it was Chuck or Glenn who once mentioned this to me...


                      if you can possibly "scale" the footage at that point....it actually "looks" like an on purpose CUT...and can sell the break ( cut ) ...like you're using one lens size up to that point where you want to get rid of the stuff you dont want...and "scale" ...and it looks like you purposefully changed lens sizes and move on from the point where the footage is OK...

                      might work or not.....is sorta depending on the project settings and what you have for source asset size etc ( if scale will work )


                      good luck !



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                        You took the words right out of my mouth, or off my keyboard - cutaway.


                        The problem with the elimination of a word in just the audio (replacing with ambiance), is the lips are moving, but nothing is coming out.


                        Now, one could just add the little red circle w/ diagonal line

                        No copy.png

                        over the mouth, and maybe the sound of a buzzer in the audio... or maybe not.


                        Nah, I'd look at doing a cutaway.



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                          the scale "trick" at the point where you want to lose the one word ....looks like a lens change...and might work...


                          scale cut.jpg


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                            One word is going to be approx. one second duration of action you have lost (cut out)


                            You could try AEFX using the Rotoscope and puppet techniques to create a tween of frames to blend the movement.  You may only need 3 or 4.


                            I doubt that you will fully cover up the "problem" 100% /// what ever you do though.


                            Can you post a frame grab of the adjacent Out and In frames?