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    Is it too early for someone to reccomend a build with one of the new Sandy Bridge CPUs?


      Hi all I need to build a new PC and was told to wait until the new Sandy Bridge CPUs were out.


      This will be my first build but I'll have some help from my brother putting it together.


      I'm coming from working in CS3 on Vista 32 and want to build a PC to run Windows7 64 and CS5.


      As for a monitor I think I'm going to get a NEC MultiSync EA231WMi 23". The reason being it is a cheap IPS. The only other one I was looking at is a ViewSonic VP2365wb but the NEC has better reviews. If anyone has any other recommendations for an IPS in that price range, I'd be grateful.


      For a case I'm going to go with a Silverstone SST-FT02B Fortress or a FRACTAL DEFINE R3.


      As for the guts, I'm a little lost.


      I was going to get a 60gb SSD to stick the OS on but I see Harm Millaard reccomending a Velociraptor over on this thread. I didn't know what one was but I looked it up and discovered it was a 10,000rpm 300gb hard drive that costs about $280. Is that right? Are there cheaper and smaller versions?


      As anyone any reccomendations on what other Hard drives I should get and what RAID I should use? My budget for the whole build is mid range I suppose.


      So that brings me to the CPU, GPU and MOBO.


      Does anyone know enough about the new Sandybridge CPUs to reccomend one and which motherboard I shoud get? Do I need a seperate GPU still. People are talking about it having an integrated GPU.


      I suppose I would like to have 12gb of RAM with an option to upgrade to 24. I initially thought 8gb would suffice but people on here seem to be using 12 or 24.


      Thanks for any advice.

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