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    Loss of image quality with AVCHD Panasonic import .MTS to .m2ts


      I am new to all this, and have a problem.


      I Bought a Panasonic AVCHD Panasonic model TM700, for recording building detail, at best quality; I am an Architect.  The Panasonic came with a PC import package HD Writer AE2.  I took some very important footage in 1080P/50 before handing over a building.  I imported it onto my PC with the HD Writer, and in that process it coverted the files to .m2ts from .MTS as they appear on the Camcorder.  I then deleted the footage off the camcorder.


      I was surprised when importing the .m2ts files into PRE for editing that the quality seemed poor.  So I did a fresh test and imported new footage into PRE in three ways, (i) direct from the Camcorder using 'get media' in PRE as (in .MTS format), (ii) from my PC hard disk having transferred the footage from the camcorder using windows explorer (again in .MTS format) and (iii) via the HD writer package as above (in .m2ts format).


      The result was that (i) and (ii) when edited and exported with PRE are noticeably (say 33%) better in detail that (iii).  My conclusion is that the HD writer .m2ts files are somehow degraded either during importing with the Panasonic software and changing to .m2ts format, or PSE does not like that format and degrades when it imports.


      As I say I am new to this, but for professional reasons the detail of the footage is very important to me and I have now lost my raw data.  Interestingly in HD Writer the m2ts footage plays to excellent detail, which is why I think the problem lies with the PRE 'get media' procedure.


      Can anyone offer any help?