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    Mouse problems and black lines in the timeline


      Hi, I recently bought Premier Elements 9 and updated it after the installation. When I try to open a new project, my mouse is moving around fine, but when i click on the different options nothing happens. I have to move around using my keyboard, and that's a pain compared to using just the mouse. I have a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse with the latest drivers and a Dell XPS 8100 w/ATI HD 5670, 4 GB RAM, lots of free disk space, Windows 7. When i finally manage to open a new projekt the timeline blanks when i move my mouse inside it making it impossible to move stuff around. My mouse works fine in the working space, but when a dialog box opens, it won't let me click on the different options, so I have to use Tab an Enter to make my selections. Does anybody know what my problem is and how to fix it? (I have downloaded and installed all the latest drivers)