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    Configure Return Type with MySQL 5/CF 9 Driving Me Crazy


      To make it simple, I have FB 4.01 running on Windows 7. I am also running MySQL 5.1.36 and the CF 9 internal server.


      I create a test project and then try to create a Data Service for one of the MySQL tables (call it TTFBH00). I use the Wizard and let it create the CFC by introspecting the table and data types. The service is created with a return type of Ttfbh00[] and most of the data types are correct. No problem there.


      I THEN want to use Configure Return Type to create a new Data Type (call it LoadLine[]). I invoke "Configure Return Type" on the getallttfbh00 operation and let it use sample data. The problem is when the list of data is displayed most of the data types are WRONG (i.e. different from the ones returned when I initially created the service). For example, many numeric fields are typed as Strings and of course I can't edit the types. I've tried using Configure Return Type on a different operation (e.g. getttfbh00) and I get the exact same list of erroneous field/type pairings as I did with getallttfbh00. The first record in the table (i.e. with lowest primary key) has actual data in the fields, as does the sample record when I use getttfbh00.


      Right now I'm reduced to setting the incorrect fields to NULL in the table just so I can edit the types but I have no idea why the two operations (initial creation of service and "Configure Return Type") return different types for the same fields (much less why they are simply wrong in the second case).


      I've searched "Configure Return Type error" and similar but really haven't come up with anything addressing this issue (although my search did remind me I could use the "set fields to NULL" trick as a torturous workaround).


      Thanks for any info.