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    Full version of Acrobat interfering with newer Reader-only version

    heydanagirl Level 1


      Our office manager has a full version of Acrobat (v. 6) installed on Windows XP machine. She has also installed Reader v. 9 - it USED TO WORK - but she also had a virus earlier this year and got a cleaned-up system.


      Now, when she tries to open a pdf file to the Reader, there's an error message about Version 6 is too old to view pdf files (usually these are ones she's trying to read off the web) and it closes.


      Any work-arounds?


      thanks in advance!



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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat and Reader will co-install using the current versions, but Acrobat 6 is too old to completely support the control of file associations - whichever package was installed last will take control of the PDF file type and in your case it sounds like Acrobat 6 won that battle. To get PDFs opening in Reader by default you'll have to manually reassign the file type in Windows Explorer's menu or uninstall and reinstall Adobe Reader so it becomes the last registered application.


          See this KB for a matrix of Acrobat and Reader versions up to 9, showing which will work together and what happens if they don't; and my blog post about the new co-install features of Acrobat and Reader X.