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    Problems trying to load SCORM version of Presenter module with Macs


      Hi there


      I am thinking of using a Presenter module to provide orientation information to students. The module will have quizzes embedded in it. Because of this, I am planning to upload the Presenter file as a SCORM package to our Learning Management System.


      I am a little concerned about doing this as I have experienced difficulties at the client end in the past. I uploaded a Presenter module in a similar way a year ago. PC users had no trouble accessing the module, but Mac users did. They couldn't access the module but, luckily, in both cases, had access to PCs that they could use instead.


      When the Mac users tried to access the SCORM content through the LMS, they received a message that essentially said that the selected item contained no content. To my knowledge, both users had Flash installed on their Macs. This problem was not experienced by the PC users who were able to access the SCORM package without issue.


      I'm not certain whether this is a problem unique to our LMS, but I vaguely recall a colleague finding a problem to this solution (perhaps a patch?) that was Presenter, rather than LMS driven. Unfortunately, he's on extended leave so can't help out at the moment. Would appreciate your thoughts.