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    FW To PSD font issue

      When I save my file in fireworks as a PSD file (setting: editable) and open this file into Photoshop it turns all the fonts into myriad.

      The strange thing is that this doesn't happen when:
      > I used the font: IMPACT (and maybe with other fonts, it does occur however when I use a standard font like arial).
      > Or when the file is created on a PC and open that one on my mac (I did a test with a friend)

      I run CS3 web premium on a MacBook Pro

      My question is:
      Did other Mac users encounter this problem as well? Or could it be a local problem on my machine, one ofmy configurations? it seems as if photoshop doesn't recognize certain fonts edited with fireworks.

      hope im clear enough to get some feedback, if not: ask