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    Chapter markers to Encore battle

    Andy Bay Level 1



      I have spent the last 4 hours trying to get chapter markers from AE to Encore. Nothing seems to work. I have tried both comp markers and layer markers, with text and numbers in almost every field. I have tried both AVi and Quicktime containers as my export format. But nothing that I do seem to bring my markers to encore as Chapters.


      The only way it works is if I use Dynamic Link, but DL is way too slow for this project since my AE stuff has so much going on in there. So I really need to export an intermediate file from AE.


      Has anyone succesfully exported a video file from After Effects to Encore with AE layer markers turned into Encore Chapter markers? I certainly seem to have no luck with this process ;/

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Did that ever work? I know for sure that it works with my HDV/ DV captured AVIs from Premiere (on PC), but I seem to remember some longwinded discussions about this being busted for everything else. So this may be a hopeless case, after all. What you might try as a detour is to use Soundbooth and generate a dummy audio file with markers, which both AE and Encore should correctly recognize, but otehrwise you may have to bite the bullet and place tha markers manually in Encore...



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            Andy Bay Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium, turns out you are right. In CS5 you can only get the chapters

            to encore from ae if you export mpeg2 dvd or use dynamic link. On previous versions more options were available but for some reason that functionality has been removed.