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    Adobe Premiere Elements 8 question


      Hi, I have a problem I have not found the answer to.


      I have used my program for over a year now and I just love it,  and have not had one bit of problems. All of a sudden it has stopped working the same way. I am trying to create a movie on DVD and when I open the program the screen doesn't look the way it did when I use to use it, it only has a play screen, and not a screan where I can creat the movie. I ever tried re-installing the program


      I have a HP Pavilion Elite e9220y PC, with a

      AMD Phenom llX4910 prosser

      8GB DDR3 system memory

      1 TB hard drive.


      The only thing I have change is added new software for my new handycam, Sony HDR-CX150, and I must say it did change some things in my photo department, but why would it have changed my video program for Adobe? and how can I get things back to normal?


      Any help would be greatly appericiated, I need this program to work, I do the video for my church and I make DVD's .


      Thanks again.....Mercysilver