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    Looking for laptop - running Win version of CS3 on Macbook Pro?


      I've been wanting to finally get a laptop for a long time now, and my first choice has always been a Macbook Pro. My main computer now is a self-built PC, and I do all my video work within CS3; my production company also runs CS3, so it made sense to mirror it at home. Anyway, my original thinking was to get a Macbook Pro so that I could have the option to edit with Final Cut Pro again, which would be nice because I see so much freelance work/job postings where the client/company is using FCP. Plus, out of all the laptops I've messed around with in the past, Macbooks always seem to work the best/fastest; and I just like them better overall.


      However, the idea of getting a laptop that isn't compatible with my current personal/professional workflow doesn't seem like such a good idea now. I have plans to travel to Japan for an extended period of time too, and I want to be able to work remotely, which means having access to a PC machine running CS3. Because of this, I started looking into PC laptops again... but I'm just not impressed with what I see. So I read about the possibility of running Bootcamp on a MBP, thus allowing me to run my PC version of CS3. Theoretically I could then still work on all of my PC formatted projects and then switch back into OS X for "normal laptop computing" (as well as starting new projects with FCP).


      Since I have no personal experience doing something like this though, I was wondering if anyone runs a setup like this and if so, how well does CS3/4/5 run via Bootcamp on a Macbook Pro? I've been reading on here how CS5's Mercury engine doesn't/can't work because the hardware won't support it, but does the overall editing experience suck?


      Just for reference, currently all my job-related work is simple DV NTSC... so I'm sure any laptop I buy would be able to handle that. However our company is planning to upgrade to HD in the near future, and I personally work with XDCAM EX footage via my Sony EX1r. So I want a laptop that can handle HD projects without choking to death. Also, an Express Card slot would be pretty awesome, too, that way I can dump my SxS cards without having to dock the camera (a 17" MBP would offer this).


      Any suggestions/help would be most appreciated, thanks!