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    Transcoding question, please.


      I teach high school math at an alternative school and am always trying to do something different with instruction. I have to - else I'll be cooped up with surly, disengaged teenagers all day. Yikes...


      I bought a bunch of li'l MP3 players over the Xmas break and have 'em tucked away inside neat little speakerphone cases. We use digitizing tablets to make homegrown math videos of problem solutions. I've been using Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 to turn these into WMV files that play within Powerpoint.


      Not all my kids have computers, so now they've all got something to view their handiwork while doing homework (hah!). Well, these are the rationalizations one makes to keep sane. At least I enjoy working with the equipment. I've bought Production Premium CS5 to help out and learn more about video.


      Here's my problem - these Archos 1 Vision MP3 players have a 128 x 128 resolution screen. They won't play straight-up H.264 files. It came with barebones AVIConverter software to transcode H.264 files into whatever it is that works on the units. I've got three transcodes to make before I can get a clip that plays on the units, which is a real pain and time consuming too.


      We screen capture Paint video clips on a 1,024 x 1,024 area. So, my original output starts at 1,024 square, 25 fps, progressive, .xesc extension.


      The Expression Screen Capture file is some kind of *.xesc extension that only the Expression Encoder 4 seems to recognise. I've spent time looking for something to encode it to H.264 immediately without luck. The upgrade to Expression Encoder Pro, which will, is too rich for my blood right now.


      Three transcodes:

           1. From .xesc screen capture output to WMV through Expression Encoder 4 (free version).

           2. From WMV to some form of H.264 through the Adobe Media Encoder CS5 format, "custom" preset since nothing else will keep my 1,024 square

               resolution. I think there are some issues here.

           3. Through the AVIConverter program that drops it down to 128 x 128 at 15 fps.


      Anybody familiar with Microsoft Expression Screen Capture? Is there a free program that can transcode to H.264 straight from the .xesc output?


      Any other ideas?