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    Java projects in Flash Builder

    sjpdallas Level 1

      Hi all,


      I previously used Flex Builder 3 on Vista x64.   Inside Flex Builder 3, I had both flex projects and java projects.  I needed both because I use BlazeDS and kept the java code in a separate project.  I would only like 1 development environment.


      I recently upgraded to Windows 7 x64 and went ahead and upgraded my Flex Builder 3 to Flash Builder 4.


      It was a simple measure to import my flex projects into Flash Builder 4.


      When I tried to import the Flex 3 java projects into Flash Builder 4, Flash Builder responded with:

        " The folder does not contain a valid Flash Builder Project."


      Short of installing Eclipse, a 32bit version of java, and using the Flash Builder Plugin, is there a way to get my java projects to import and compile in Flash Builder 4 while running on Windows 7 x64?


      Thanks in advance for any thoughts,


      - Steve


      P.S.  I may have had to import something special to get it to work in Flex Builder 3, I just can't remember.