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    Director on Web

    kapelski Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      Please excuse my lack of intelligence on the matter, as I have never worked with Director before.  I am trying to find out what I need to do in order to play a director game online, or if that is even possible.  The story goes,


      A friend of mine created a full scale educational game using director about a year ago.  The inention was to have the final product be placed via exe file on a CD and then sell the CDs to people at conventions.  The program received great responses at the conventions, but lets face it, selling CDs limits your buyers.  In an effort to increase sales he wants to make the game playable online.  Where people can just go to a website and play it like any normal flash game today.


      Is this possible to do without remaking his entire game in Flash?  The game is of a fairly large size and we are talking most likely thousands to have it all remade in flash.  The game involves a database to track the children's progress if that makes any difference.


      Look forward to hearing from everyone!



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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          If you open the source file in Director, you can publish the program as shockwave instead of (or in addition to) an executable.  Shockwave will play in a browser. It may be just that easy.


          Of course it depends very much on how the program was made, what xtras it uses, etc... some commands and xtras are not shockwave safe, so if they are used, the program wont work without some recoding to work around these limitations.

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            kapelski Level 1

            Thanks Mike.  That definitely helps me get moving in the right direction.  Are there any specific functions/extras that you know of off the top of your head that will Not run with Shockwave?  Also, Shockwave requires a special player just like Flash does, do you think enough people have it or would download it just to play a game?  I ask because I use flash and am unsure of the popularity of Shockwave still.


            Thanks for the help so far!




            Also something I just thought of is the database portion.  I believe the current database is programed within the files to be on the disc only?  So that it is contained to the players computer, not sure.  Either way we would be looking at making one Huge database for all players that is stored online (just like any flash game with a high scores board).  Can this be done with PHP and MySQL like we have done with Flash games?

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              Mike Blaustein Level 4

              Really, most xtras are not shockwave safe.  Anything that has to do with accessing local machine content (like BuddyAPI, FIleIO, etc) can not be shockwave safe for security purposes.  And many xtra developes simply havent bothered to make their xtras for shockwave.  The easiest way to find out if it works is simply to try it and hope.  There will be error messages about "handler not defined" whenever you try to use a scripting xtra that is not supported.


              You will of course have to make adjustments to deal with the database changes... It will not be readable off a CD or the local machine.  You can put it on the internet and allow everyone to access it there.  You can easily use php with MySQL to do whatever you need.  Director has getNetText() and postNetTest() commands which let you communicate with PHP scripts on the web.

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                kapelski Level 1

                Okay I figued try it would be the course of action.


                As for the database integration, how similar is it to integrating a database into flash?  Like I said before we have set up a database to track scores and such with flash games before.  Not sure how different it is with director other than the 2 code lines you mentioned.


                Are there any good tutorials or websites that help with Director and database integration?

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                  Mike Blaustein Level 4

                  There are a bunch of good tutorials at




                  Don;t know if any are database-oriented, but it will help you get up tp speed on Director.  There are a bunch of database-related xtras that can make things really easy for you, see the list at:








                  Depending on which version of Director you are using.  If you have an existing PHP/MySQL site, then you dont need any xtras, and as I mentioned before, you can simply use getNetText() to communicate with it... basically, the PHP does all the heavy lifting and Director just tells it what to do and gets response back.