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    Serializing InputStream as ByteArray using BeanProxy

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      [Note:  Also posted on StckOverflow here]


      I'm trying to serialize an object which has an InputStream.  I need it to arrive on the flex client as a ByteArray.


      Note - I can't implement `IExternalizable` on this class, as it's not mine.


      I've registered a custom `BeanProxy` to do the conversion, however it doesn't appear to be working:


         public class InputStreamBeanProxy extends BeanProxy {
              public Object getInstanceToSerialize(Object instance) {
                  InputStream stream = (InputStream) instance;
                  Byte[] boxOfBytes;
                      try {
                          byte[] bytes = IOUtils.toByteArray(stream);
                          boxOfBytes = new Byte[bytes.length];
                          for (int i=0; i < bytes.length; i++)
                             boxOfBytes[i] = bytes[i];
                      } catch (IOException e) {
                          logger.error("Exception serializing inputStream: ", e);
                          throw new RuntimeException(e);
                      return boxOfBytes;


      This proxy is then registered during startup as follows:


          PropertyProxyRegistry.getRegistry().register(InputStream.class, new InputStreamBeanProxy());


      I've set breakpoints in this code, and I see it being called as expected.  However when the object arrives on the client, the input stream is typed as `Object`, and it contains no properties.


      What am I doing wrong?