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    RH8: Creating / updating bullet list style?

    jaggedpeak Level 2

      I'm getting lost. I have a project that I inherited.


      • Amongst my list of available styles, I have two styles: ListBullet (which is a paragraph style) and p-ListBullet (which is a list style) -- In the Styles and Formatting pod, ListBullet has the paragraph symbol and p-Listbullet has the list symbol.
      • In my .css file, I have an entry for p.ListBullet and an entry for LI.p-ListBullet (both show list-style="disc")
      • Over in RH, in the ApplyStyle box, I see ListBullet (no p-ListBullet).
      If I use ListBullet, I get a numbered list. (When I look at the html, it has created it as an ordered list.)
      I figured, 'fine, I'll create a new style from scratch so that I can learn what I'm supposed to be doing'. I dug up the article below, and get jammed up because I don't think I'm seeing what I'm supposed to be seeing. (My problems are noted in red.)
      My questions are (hopefully) simple-ish:
      How do I create a list style in RH, and is there anything special I need to do on the .css side of things (I would think not, because that's just 'skinning')?
      How can I modify the existing ListBullet style so that it works as a bulleted list (the way it's supposed to)? (There is a *lot* of content with this style applied already.)
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      ----------This is the topic that I'm getting messed up on---------------





      Create a bullet style for a style sheet

      1. Open the topic to customize a bullet style.  I assume this means any topic, so I opened one of my existing topics.

      2. From the Format menu, select Styles. Okay -- this pops up the Styles and Formatting pod.

      3. In List, select All Styles. In the listbox, I have 'All available styles' so I selected that.

      4. From Available In, select an external or embedded style sheet. I don't see Available In anywhere, so I can't do this step. (Note: Over in my project manager, I only have one .css showing (bar.css).

      5. From the Styles list, select a style and click the Create New Style button . Does this mean to select an existing style to use as a template? If so... okay.

      6. Under Style Type, select Paragraph Style. Now I'm getting even more confused -- why a Paragraph Style instead of a List Style? I'm stopping here because I am well and truly befuddled. HELP?!

      7. Type a name for the new style. The name can contain letters and numbers only and cannot begin with a number.

      8. Under Style For Following Paragraph, select (No Change).

      9. Click Format and specify settings.