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    On the Fly with Silence


      Audition's speed for editing is something that i notice has been brought up multiple times.  The Voice Over company I work for, my boss and I have been waiting for Audition to come to the Mac.  Our biggest set back with Audition has been editing on the fly, which thank you so very much for bringing back.


      Working with Audition for Mac this evening, I've noticed a very Vista like capability that is slowing down editing for my work and what I intend to use Audition for Mac for, which is confirming every command.


      Is there a way to set things, like inserting or generating silence to remember the last value you used, instead of the amount of time highlighted, and/or once applied, entering "Ok" only once to speed the process along instead of having to confirm that yes, I do indeed want .2 seconds of silence where I highlighted.


      This has been one of the most significant changes in one of the biggest editing bits we use.  Silencing out breaks to fit a standard, but having to change the value every time is a slowing process and confirming what it's been set to again as well.  Again, is there a way to turn that confirm off, which would make it faster even if you do have to input the desired amount of silence every time you hit the shortcut key.

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          You might be able to do this by Recording a new Favorite. However, at the moment, it seems that recorded favorites also record the current cursor position when the new favorite is recorded and, unlike scripts in earlier versions of Audition, you don't seem to be able to make the Favorite operate wherever you place the cursor before you press the Keyboard shortcut for your new Favorite.