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      This problem is with encoding in CS5.


      Using Encore to make a DVD I had to Transcode all my assets because of the "end of file" error

      on doing this I had 7 clips out of 18 with either motion blur (may be jitter) and audio out of sync with the video but not on all of them.


      Then I re encoded my originals in Prem Pro using different settings but still the same problem.


      Your help would be appreciated




          Had you already exported them or just rendered?


          This is a video I made if you fancy watching:


            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I wouldn't begin to know how to help without a lot more details.  Media specs, sequence specs and export specs for starters.

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              johnacs5 Level 1

              Hi Jim & sellador,


              As I am from England all my work is PAL 25 fps


              This particular clip has the worst blur or jitter quite painful to watch. Oddly enough plays fine on the time line or viewer but not in WMP or DVD on computer or television (this must tell us something)


              I have now done over 20 different outputs the best being de interlace no blur but the quality suffered.


              Right some info:

              Material, Original clip as shown in adobe properties: mpeg - 25fps Aspect 4:3 1.094 pixel

              720 x 576 - Upper field first - average bit rate 871kb/s - Audio 48k


              Sequence settings: DV PAL upper field first - 25fps  - 1.094 pixel - Audio 48k


              Export settings: MPEG2 - Custom - 720 x 576 - pixel 1.094 - upper field first

              Profile Main - level Main. - Max render Quality - 6.5 - 8.5 mb/s

              Gop 3 & 12



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Upper field is rather uncommon, unless Matrox is involved, at least for SD PAL. Are you sure you do not have a case of field reversal?

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                  johnacs5 Level 1

                  No I have never used a matrox editor, this clip came from a satellite receiver with hard drive out putted in the box as mpeg and then trimmed etc in one of the

                  Pinnacle LE series video editors.


                  I have tried upper and lower no difference, only progressive removes the blur but the result is poor quality video, this particular clip does not have lip sync problems but some of the others do.



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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    On a side note: You do have approval to edit this copyrighted material, don't you?


                    In that case, get the original material, since what you are trying to edit is crappy source material and could well be the cause of your problem.

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                      johnacs5 Level 1

                      Thanks for the quick reponce, no I don't have approval it is FTA material and the quality in digital is very good. Encoding in various other video editors has never been a problem and even new material copied recently has not been a problem in Prem Pro /Encore.


                      Are you thinking there is some kind of  encryption  that Prem pro does not like?



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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        What does GSpot say about this codec?

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                          johnacs5 Level 1

                          A neat bit of software that gspot.


                          It shows as MPEG2 I could not see any undue problems or indeed differences between clips that are ok and the problem one, one thing that is odd is that gspot shows UFF and Pem pro LFF that is confusing.


                          So in the end after many more tests the best result was use the "flicker removal" on the time line and export as UFF. If I used LFF then no blur but every 40 - 50 seconds the picture would jump as if a few frames were missing.


                          All together very annoying and time consuming when I had no problems with Pinnacle or Avid products.


                          Thanks for your help anyway.