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    PE7 (& 8) error message missing adobepsl.dll when writing to disc


      I have been using PE7 exclusively even though I purchased PE8 since it didn't work on my Windows 7 64 bit laptop.  I edited a video without any problems like usual and when I went to write it to a disc, it wouldn't write and I got an error message that it was missing or error occurred in adopepsl.dll.  This was on the Windows 7 laptop.  I then moved the files to a Vista laptop and tried it there but got the same error message.  I read a lot of forums and articles here and so I created a new user specifically for PE8  on the Windows 7 laptop and installed PE8.  I tried to write the project to the DVD and once again I got the same message.  As a last resort, I created a new user on my XP desktop and installed PE7 since I knew that I had successfully worked with that one for almost 2 years without a hitch.  I got the same error message on the XP:


      AppName: adobe premiere elements.exe AppVer: ModName: adobepsl.dll

      ModVer: Offset: 000e0c83


      Since it was three different computers and three different systems and I never had problems before either laptop before, I am extremely confused as to why all three separate computers would be missing the same exact file and get the same error message.  I installed them directly from the DVD that I purchased new and had used it to install onto the laptops when I intially started using the program and then when I purchased the second (windows 7) laptop.  And then to have it also happen with the PE8, which was also bought new but never used since it wasn't working on the Windows 7 laptop.  (No, I did not update it since I went back to the PE7 because I knew that worked and I was in the middle of another project at the time and didn't want to jeopardize my project or my usage of the laptop.)


      How is this possible that all three computers (and the PE8) are all having trouble burning to the DVD?  Is it possible that it's a program disc problem but then why would the PE8 have that same problem?


      desktop info (laptops are off and I'm exhausted after having dealt with this for over 12 hours):

      windows XP

      processor: intel pentium 4 cpu 3.00 ghz (2cpus)

      memory: 1.37 gb RAM


      Any suggestions?  Unfortuanately, I'm not as "techy" as the rest of you.