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    Security Sandbox Error - youtube video (Read 1 times)

    actionscript2n3 Level 1



      I am working on an application which demands feature for embedding videos from youtube embed code and youtube URL.
      Things are working fine in my local machine but when I test it on demo server then error appears. I had allowed youtube and vimeo as




      But still things working on local not on demo server.


      The URL is :
      1. add page by clicking + button in the left side(2nd row)
      2. Select page then
      3. Drag and drop video icon(black color) from tools list placed above the white area in the middle of the application.
      4. Now select the video object added to white area and in the right hand side paste any youtube URL then click update button you will see the Error(if you have debugger flash player)


      Thanks for any help