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    Ultra keying


      Good morning!

      I installed Premiere Pro CS5 a couple days ago. I went into the tutorials and there are many videos talking about the ultra key effect. Very cool, we use blue screens. I tried to find it and the effect is not in my software (see screenshot)



      I just had a terrible customer support experience. I found the contact info on this web page. Wow! What a great idea, put in your number and they call you when they have an opening! I put in all my info and clicked submit. The phone rang immediately! I figured that was an odd coincidence, nope, it was Adobe. I was on hold for 18 minutes at 7:50 AM EST. What in the world? I finally get someone, says I can call him 'Neo', asks what's happening, I explain the above, he takes down my phone number and tries to put me on hold. Instead of hold, he hangs up on me. So now I'm here.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.