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    Issue with tabbed browsers


      Ours is a SSO enabled application. The technology used is Flex 3, Java 5 and Oracle. And BlazeDS is used for communication between Java and Flex.

      We are getting the following error:

      Error----------[FaultEvent fault=[RPC Fault faultString="Send failed" faultCode="Client.Error.MessageSend" faultDetail="Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed: url: 'http://invportal.geam.corporate.ge.com/GEAMInvestmentPortal/messagebroker/amf'"] messageId="3D06F2A6-84A8-DFCF-BA64-EF4A7C0C34CF" type="fault" bubbles=false cancelable=true eventPhase=2]

      This occurs when another SSO enabled application is opened in separate tab. I follow the following steps to replicate the issue:

      - Open IE and open my application. The page load with data  (which signifies that the AMFchannel is working fine)

      - Open a new tab or new IE Window.

      - Open another SSO application in that tab

      - Then Switch context back to the my application. Change data to get data from database. The above written error comes.

      - This issue comes across all modules. Ie from whatever module you leave and come back after a new tab or IE window, this issue is prevelant

      Request your help with the same. When I googled I came across below links with similar issue