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    SmartFix Not Appearing?


      I am relatively new to PRE, but am muddling my way around the program.


      I watched a mini-tutorial and read the online reference about SmartFix for video clips.


      I ran the auto-analyzer on all the clips in my "project".  This seems to have finished successfully (and the "smart tags" are listed for each clip).


      However, when I drag any of the clips to the timeline or sceneline, no option to "smartfix" the clip appears.  I have tried replacing clips, dragging a clip to the end of the timeline, inserting it in the beginning, etc.


      Can someone tell me why the smartfix option is not appearing and/or how I can force it to run or troubleshoot this further???


      (This is full version of PRE 9.0.1)


      Thanks in advance,