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    Colour Palatte on main area no longer remains popped up


      As of yesterday, the little colour palatte in the bottom left corner no longer remains open meaning i can't use the colour palatte to change colours or border colour.


      I'm far from a pro on Fireworks and only really use it for very simple little graphical things for the website, but this feature is kind of important and at the moment Fireworks has become useless to me.


      I trashed the preferences a few times with no joy.


      I then called Adobe support and after 25 minutes of being bumped around got told I had to pay $40 for them to tell me how to fix a problem with their software. After £1500 for the Master Collection, that isn't happening.




      I then uninstalled Fireworks and reinstalled it. Still the same. It's broken.


      So, does any one have any ideas. basically it's now screwed.