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    Saving my workspace


      Hi Folks,


      Been posting a few things here recently as I just upgraded to AE CS5.  I was just trying to save my favorite workspace that I had in AE 7.0.  But when I tried to, this window popped up:


      After Effects warning:  The directory'/users/davidtillman/Library/Preferences/Adobe/AfterEffects/10.0/OriginalUswerWo rkspaces/Lynn's 4-3 w' could not be found.


      I was able to save workspaces just fine in my AE 7.0.  Is there some sort of folder I need to create or something to install?  I never had to do anything special before, but things change.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Do you mean you attempted to use an AE7 preset in CS5? That won't work. If you re-created the layout from scratch, you should have no issues. if you cannot save them, you may have ordinary permission issues caused by different handling of 64bit apps. In that case you may simply need to manually add your user to the directory permissions (on the file --> Info panel) and grant write privileges. Also try an automated "Repair Permissions" to straighten out conflicting user permissions.



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            Tillmanator Level 1

            Oh, geez... never mind.  When reading your response, I tried again (I always like to try again when things don't work the first few times and I had tried it at least four times before I posted this.) and it seems to be working fine this time.