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    Display PDF in Web Browser Setting


      Good Morning,


      We recently encountered some issues with Adobe 9.0.0 on Citrix servers. We updated to Version 9.3.4, since we had not fully tested Reader X yet.

      The issue is that we have an application that calls to Adobe and opens PDF files within the application.  When I log on to the citrix server locally, the setting Display in PDF Browser is selected.  My account is an admin of our domain. When I log in to the server with a standard account, the setting is not selected.


      I found the bBrowsing Integration key in HKCU\Software\Adobe\Acrobate Reader\9.0\Originals and when I am logged in with admin account it is set to 1, when I login with the non-admin account it is set to 0.


      The same key also appears in HKEY_Users\.Default\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\9.0\Originals.  My question is this, can I set this globally on my Citrix servers so that the Display PDF is Browser is selected. when users login to Citrix Presentation Server, launch the applications that call to Adobe, that the pdf open in a web browsers of the applications. Currently, if you hit the link the PDF file will open in its own window.




      Sorry if this is a bit wordy, but I figure it is best to give too much info as opposed to not enough.


      Thank You


      Brian Dougherty