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    Slow facebook games, hot computer - what can I do?




      I have a Toshiba Satellite L555D with AMD Turion dual core 2.2GHz (per core) and 4GB ram.  I also have an ATI Radeon 3100 graphics card (dedicated).

      I have Windows Vista 64 home edition and I run both IE and Firefox, but I gave up on using IE for facebook.


      My problem is, despite the fact that my computer can run lab computations fine, PC games fine, DVD's fine, etc etc it simply cannot handle Facebook flash games.  CPU usage for the flash container goes up to an average of 55% and my CPU heats up, not into the red zone, but to the point where I am concerned about it.  Watching youtube videos only uses about 20% of my CPU and causes less heat.


      I play Happy Aquarium and Happy Pets and I have tried everything I can think of to bring it up to a reasonable speed.  I have tried:

      - Playing the games at the lowest graphics settings

      - Turning hardware acceleration on/off

      - Checking for graphics card driver updates (as far as I can tell there aren't any)

      - Clearing caches and temporary files

      - Giving the programs more Flash memory (they actually use very little, just to remember settings)

      - Uninstalling/Reinstalling Flash

      - Uninstalling Shockwave


      Any other ideas?  Any plans to fix these kinds of issues for the next version?  I've googled around and I am certainly not the only one with this issue.

      Also, how does the hardware acceleration work?  Is the graphics card functionality something the game developer needs to do?


      Thank you.

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          A computer with those kind of specs really shouldn't be heating up over a flash game. Are you using it on your lap or somewhere that might be blocking vents? Or maybe one of your fans has died.

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            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

            Hi, You didn't say what version of Flash Player is Installed, but that may have something to do with the problem. Some of the


            games on Facebook may not support the latest version of FP. As Steve said, with your system, you shouldn't be having that


            problem. I wouldn't be too quick to think it is something related to your computer. You may want to find out from the website/game if they support FP vs latest)


            If you have closed all browser windows except the one for the Facebook game and checked in Task Manager, then clearly it's the website/game.



            Here is a link for info on the hardware acceleration:



            This link has more info and driver info also:




            You can check your ATI Driver here:








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              Hayama4 Level 1

              Thanks for the replies guys.


              1 - My laptop is on a hard wooden surface, elevated by a soft drink bottle cap on each of the four corners, giving it about a centimeter of airflow.  The room is about 70 degrees.


              2 - I have delved deeper into the graphics card driver issue.  Apparelty ATI has updated it a few times, but their driver install program is incompatible with Toshiba.  Toshiba has released the new drivers, but only for Windows 7.  I was supposed to update to Windows 7 but I want to do a clean install and I don't want to mess with that right now.


              3 - My flash is up to date.  I check that a lot.


              4 - My guess is that these games do not have up to date flash or that they are poorly programmed in some way.  They play perfecly fine on the super-fancy mac pro at work.  Also, the games worked fine when I first played them.  Like when I only had one aquarium tank with just a few fish.  Now that I have 8 tanks and 200 some fish it is sloooooooow.  But really, it still should be less cpu intensive than a pc game that has much better graphics and more stuff going on.  Also, I can play flash games at www.orisinal.com and they only use like 20-30% of my cpu.


              Are these games just doomed?



              EDIT: some things I forgot


              The Toshiba PC Health monitor shows that my fan is usually working at like 50% if I'm doing browsing, etc.  When I play on facebook it is up to 90%.  I've never checked it after my computer has been sitting with nothing running.


              The facebook games will not tell me what flash they use.  They pretty much ignore me when I send a ticket describing my problem, just telling me to clean the cache and stuff, which I have tried.


              Usually when I play these games I have the facebook main page tab open also, and often I have word documents and stuff.  But I have tested playing JUST the game and the problem is the same.

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                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                Hi, thanks for more info. I think you are correct on #4 that you posted. I have dealt with so many users about Facebook and especially the games. Their responses are mostly canned answers and won't give any info. I don't know if any of the games you play have any system requirements, but if you see anything like, "you must have at least Flash Player version 8", LOL, which believe it or not those are out there.




                You could try one of their other games just to test. Games that are very popular have so much traffic and I don't think their servers can keep up.


                I thot you have an ATI/Radeon but you say their driver program is incompatible? You shouldn't have to have Win7 in order for the ATI driver to perform! I have a site that is about the ATI/Radeon vs if you want it. A lot of good info from users.


                Well, if you have the same issue with only one window open, considering your system, then that tells you where the problem is. Not with you, that's for sure.


                Now why the Mac doesn't have a problem, I don't know.


                Do you have any addons in the browser that may be conflicting? Any other websites causing an issue?





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                  Hayama4 Level 1

                  The thing with the ATI drivers is this:


                  I have driver version 8.5ish and it works perfectly fine for most things on my computer, like PC games.

                  However, ATI updated the driver for my graphics processor to version 10ish.

                  My thought is that perhaps this new updated driver works better with flash.

                  I went to the ATI website and downloaded the new driver.  The program to install the driver started up, began to install, and then stoped with the message that I need to contact my hardware manufacturer because the install program is not compatible.

                  According to the internet, ATI's driver installation program doesn't work with my Toshiba laptop and I must get the driver update from Toshiba.

                  Toshiba has the drivers for download.

                  For Windows Vista they have the same that I have, 8.5ish.

                  For Windows 7 they have updated to version 10ish.


                  I do everything I can to get rid of ad-ons... but I do have one, and ad-on from the game itself.  It's a little bar on the top of the page that reminds you to feed your fish and stuff.  I wonder if that might be the culprit.  I'll try getting rid of that.


                  However, if it isn't that ad-on I think it is either that I can't update my driver or that the game itself is flawed.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi, thank you for that explanation.


                    There is one thing that I overlooked. You didn't say what version of Flash Player you have Installed, but reviewing your first post you said:

                    I have Windows Vista 64 home edition and I run both IE and Firefox, but I gave up on using IE for facebook.


                    Go to this test site and let me know what version of Flash Player is displayed.



                    If you have Installed the 64bit browser, known as Square vs., this is still in beta. Just a FYI. Even if you have previously Installed it.



                    Let me know on that.







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                      Hayama4 Level 1

                      I use IE 32-bit for normal browsing.  I have the 64-bit browser installed but I don't use it, and I don't have flash installed for it.

                      You have version 10,1,102,64 installed


                      I play the games in firefox 3.6.13

                      You have version 10,1,102,64 installed

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hi, ok thanks. Let's take a look at your files. Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash  Open Flash and post back all files listed. The NPSWF files you will need to right click on and then click on Properties in order to obtain the version numbers.


                        Let me know on that.


                        Your test results do show the correct FP versions for both browsers.


                        Did you see the Flash logo animation with each browser?


                        Using IE, go to Tools, Manage addons and under "Show"(very light text) is Shockwave Flash Object Enabled?


                        Using FF, look in plugins for the Shockwave Flash and is it Enabled?






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                          Hayama4 Level 1

                          Files in Flash folder:










                          Properties for NPSWF32.dll

                          Shockwave Flash 10.1 r102

                          File/Product version


                          I saw the flash logo both in IE32 and Firefox.


                          Flash is indeed enabled in IE32  (but is not present in IE64, I'm pretty sure I haven't installed/enabled it since I don't use IE64)


                          Flash is also enabled for FF

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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Hi, thanks. I wanted to be sure your Flash files and the needed FP addons were all correct for IE & FF, which they are.


                            By doing so, that eliminates FP as an issue.


                            A couple of observations. You mentioned that the games play with no problem on the Mac. Now, Mac uses plugins for Flash Player and Firefox does also. IE uses the ActiveX Control. So FF should play better with those games than IE.


                            Your driver is 8.5+/- but Toshiba only has the vs 10 for Win7. The 8.5+/- is the latest for Vista, which you already have.


                            Were you having this problem with the previous driver?


                            You mentioned that you Uninstalled Shockwave. Were you speaking of Shockwave Player(separate from Flash Player)?


                            Are these games interactive? Shockwave Player is used for interactive games is why I am asking.







                            Oh, were your Flash files in the system32/Flash location or the sysWOW64 location?

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                              Hayama4 Level 1

                              The Mac is some high-end MacPro, I don't know much about Macs.  I use it for certain Mac-only analysis programs and sometimes to check my email/facebook.  I don't know that this isn't just an issue of the Mac's CPU being superior.  Still, my computer should be powerful enough for these games.


                              The games do work much better in FF than IE.  In FF there is lag and high CPU usage.  In IE it freezes along with the lag and high CPU usage.


                              As for the driver.  I may have updated it shortly after I bought the computer, but I've had my current driver (most recent for Toshiba vista) this whole time.


                              Yes, I meant the separate shockwave player.

                              I have Shockwave installed on FF because the game is interactive and does need it.  It is listed in the add-ons as enabled.  I haven't re-installed it in IE, but that doesn't seem to affect my day-to-day browsing so I will leave it off until I need it.


                              Also, disabling that game-related toolbar in FF has no effect.



                              All those files were in sysWOW64.  I could not find any flash folders in sys32.

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                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                Hi, thanks for that. I agree that your system certainly is powerful enough. Ok on Shockwave Player.


                                The Flash files being in the SysWOW64 location is where they should be and nothing should be in the 32 location.


                                Have you checked your Java versions in Control Panel, no old versions, just the latest?


                                Security set to Medium for the Internet Zone under Tools/Internet Options?


                                What Anti-Virus do you use and are there any addons/plugins/extensions in FF from it?


                                No adblock or popupblocker software?


                                Trying to see why FF is not working better.


                                I'll do a little checking on FF vs 3.6.13. FF and FP have had problems since last June, so I'll see what I can find.


                                If these games aren't supporting the latest vs of FP, it would be interesting to know the latest vs they do support.





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                                  Hayama4 Level 1

                                  I have Java 6.0.22  I know another one just came out but I haven't got around to installing it.  I like to wait a few days in case there is an issue.

                                  However, Java6.0.20 and 21 show up as FF add-ons.


                                  My IE security was set to Medium-High.  FF didn't have an over-arching setting, just specific things to warn/block.



                                  I use McAfee, a free enterpise edition from my school.  McAfee Virtual Technician is installed as a plug-in, however disabling it did not improve gameplay or CPU usage.


                                  I don't have any blockers installed.  If Firefox and IE come with blockers I have not removed them, but I have not added anything.

                                  I've posted to the game forum asking about the FP version.

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                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                    Hi, a few interesting details from your info here. I agree about waiting on a Java update, I haven't updated to U 23 yet either.


                                    I don't use the update alert that appears in my system tray anymore. I think the Java Uninstaller has a bug. I found out that when I Uninstalled from Add/Remove(use XP) the Java U 21, that watching the removal, that U 20!!! was being removed.

                                    I had used the update alert to update from U 20 to U21. Had never used it before, always Uninstalled manually and Installed Manually. Since then I don't use the Java Uninstaller. Keep in mind vs U21 was listed, but it wasn't. The Java Uninstaller did not remove the U 20!!


                                    You may want to check in your Control Panel to see what version you actually have. There shouldn't be any Java U20 or U21 addons in FF. That would be a problem also, since websites use the oldest Java, even if you have the latest Installed. The fact that those vs addons are in your browser indicates that the old Java wasn't Uninstalled or Updated correctly.


                                    Keep Security set to Medium, anything higher will block Flash Content.


                                    Now McAfee (and Norton as well) can create issues with Flash Player. Let me know the name of the McAfee and the version # and I'll see what I have. McAfee, Norton and other Anti-Virus programs have components that a lot of users are not aware of, in addition to browser addons that affect the browser and Flash Player.


                                    Perhaps some of this new information may be contributing to your issue.


                                    Glad you posted an inquiry on the forum. Hope you get an answer. I'm sure you are not the only one with problems.


                                    To be continued:-)



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                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                      Hi, something you may want to persue, read down to how to get a response:




                                      http://www.legacygames.com/help/legacy/tech_support/   This is the Happy A Tech site


                                      I just searched for system requirements and they each have a help site and contact info.




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                                        Hayama4 Level 1

                                        Thanks for all the help so far.  I'll look into all those things tonight/tomorrow and post back.  I know I can't be the only person with this issue.

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                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                          Hi, Any additional info may be helpful and it may there are several things that are conflicting.


                                          I agree that you are not the only one, as I saw a few posting about slowness, toolbars etc.







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                                            Hayama4 Level 1

                                            I uninstalled/reinstalled Java and went through the process of removing the old versions from Firefox (you have to run as admin and then hit uninstall in FF).  That did not improve the games.


                                            No response on the forums yet.


                                            According to http://www.games.com/game-help/happy-pets-facebook/ everything is workign fine.

                                            The other site is not the official site for game help, that would be http://support.crowdstar.com/entries/221325-problems-loading-a-game.  They mention flash player 10.  They recommend to clean the cache.  Cleaning the cache makes the game seem a little faster when you first log in, but does not help the CPU.


                                            As for McAfee:

                                            VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i

                                            32 and 64 bit scan engine version are listed as 5400.1158

                                            The signatures are updated every few days

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                                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                              Hi, thanks for the info. It appears that this Version of VirusScan Enterprise had problems back to 2008. You can read here:




                                              On the right side top there is a Search feature. "ScriptScan" brings a lot of info up.


                                              Now I don't know what other McAfee addons are in your browser but I'm not familiar with the Business Versions, only the Home & Office ones. And those have quite a few that conflict.


                                              If this laptop is your own home computer and does not have to have this business version of McAfee, you may want to think of Uninstalling it and Install an Anti-Virus/Spyware program. However, you would need to be sure to use any Removal Tool for this, not simply "removing" it. McAfee and Norton both are notorious for leaving files behind, especially in the Registry.


                                              Hope this helps,