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    Images embedded in styles no longer show in generated webhelp

    robm44 Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp HTML Version 8 and generating webhelp for interent explorer/firefox.


      Before christmas when i compiled my project everything looked fine when i reviewed the outcome. However, since coming back in january and compiling my help again, things seems to have gone awry with how the help looks once compiled. I have noticed a couple of issues:


      1. There are a number of images that are embedded in the certain styles (and references in my css file) in the project. However, these images now don't show and they have been replaced by bullet points.


      2. I use a horizontal line as a placeholder to split up the page - this line is now a lot thicker than it looked before.


      The strange thing is that the help topics look exaclty the same in RoboHelp and the preview so i'm not sure what has gone wrong here. I suspect it is an issue with my css file, but i compared the generated file with one i generated last month and they were exactly the same!


      Below are two pictures, the first one displaying how the topic looks in RoboHelp preview (this is how it looked when i compiled it last month) and the second one displaying the compiled output in internet explorer:




      Any advice would be much appreciated as given the prevalence of these images it would take me a significant amount of time to manually change every instance.