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    Problem saving pdf in adobe reader 8


      I have a problem saving pdf file in adobe reader version 8. In Adobe acrobat version 8 when i clicked on save button nothing happens not even a blink or page refresh. But everything worked fine when I tried with different adobe version. i.e version 6,7,9.


      I have no idea whether the problem is with adobe version which im using or with website which sends tht PDF.


      I appresiate your suggestions and support.




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          I can't help you, but I'm having the same problem with version 9.4.1

          I have been trying to "save as" some .pdf documents (monthly statements) from a financial institution, but it does not work when I right click on the file, or when I right click on the document.  Like you, I click on the "disc" icon, and nothing happens.  I was able to save these in August and prior, but not now.  It makes no sense.


          When I open these documents, they appear in a web window, not in the Reader software, so there is no tool bar showing "file", "edit", "view", etc, like what appearsw in Acrobat.  I'm stumped.  I posted this several days before you, but no replies yet.  I'm not real eager to pay $39 for the adobe help desk just yet.