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    zoomed in stage when opening swf in a browser

      I'm having a problem with pure ActionScript projects I've built in Flex Builder 2 (standlone install). When I open the swf in a Flash player, it's fine. However, if I open it in a browser (IE), either through the generated html wrapper or by dragging the swf file into a browser window, the application/stage appears to be zoomed in. Most of the area of the stage is out of the viewable area of the browser window (and there are no scroll bars), and the embedded images appear to be zoomed as well.

      I can't find any way to control this behavior. Putting -default-size 800 600 in the compiler command line has no effect.

      I've noticed that in the generated html wrappers, the "height" and "width" properties are "100%", if that is a clue.