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    CS5 Generic Importer Error Premiere/Photoshop




      Our company just recently upgraded to CS5.  I created a project that has a photoshop project with layers.  When I update the layers in Photoshop (keeping the same amount of layers and not changing any of the layer names) the files in premiere go offline...when I try to relink them it says "generic importer error"...I have tried this on several projects now and the same thing happens everytime...


      Any advice or work arounds would be greatly appreciated!




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          Bucketheadd Level 1



          Maybe make sure that your photoshop file is saved in RGB format instead of CMYK format.


          This sounds like a similiar thing that happened to me recently.

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            cowboy25 Level 1

            Thanks for the post...unfortunately my psd file is already in the RGB format.  Any other ideas?

            Thanks again!

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              anuraggrwl Level 2

              Can you please tell the exact steps to reproduce we never faced such issue.

              As a workaround you can import the indivisual layer again in project pannel and press Alt and drag the layer from project pannel on top of the layer you want to replace.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As PS does not have ADL (Adobe Dynamic Link) to PrPro, one would need to Delete the Imported files, and then just re-Import them, once the changes were made. When the original files are altered, they will show as Offline.


                Now, PS will Link to InDesign, and PrPro can use ADL with Encore, or AfterEffects. Maybe CS6 suites will have ADL to PS, as well?


                As has been mentioned, you want RGB and not CMYK or Indexed Color, with your PSD's, and will want 8-bit for use in Video.


                Layered PS PSD's can be Imported with full Layers (in most cases), by Import as Sequence, where each Layer will become a discrete Clip on a Sequence, that is the combo of all Layers. Or, they can be Imported as Footage, which basically Flattens the Layers.


                Hope that helps, and good luck,



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                  cowboy25 Level 1



                  1.  I created a 720x480 RGB 8-Bit PSD with layers...this one in paticular has three layers two logos and a background layer.

                  2.  I imported the two logo layers into Premiere CS5 and added them to my sequence...everything is fine to this point

                  3.  Now...let's say the logo has been revised so I need to update it.

                  4.  I go back to my PSD file replace the old logo with the new one...same name & same # of layers.

                  5.  When I get back into Premiere the file has gone offline...I go to link file and it says "Generic Importer Error"


                  And that is where I am....up until now we have used CS3 & CS2 and never had this issue...whenever we wanted to update a layer that was already in Premiere we could easily go back to the PSD file make our changes or even bring something completely different in...save it...and it would automatically update in premiere.


                  Thanks for the post...I will try your work around

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                    Bucketheadd Level 1

                    I'm a little unclear about what you've exactly done in the past, but, have you done this....


                    Updated .psd file. Save as a new file. Import that new file into PP. Delete old clip. Drag on new clip.


                    I might be repeating what you have tried so I apologize if I am.


                    Good luck

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                      pwrshift Level 1

                      I am having the same problem importing RGB files from Photoshop CS5 to Premiere CS5.  It is a 3 layered 8-bit logo to appear along the bottom of the movie.  Whenever I try I get the message everyone else is getting:  "The importer reported a generic error" and it's very frustrating.


                      Even tried importing the outdated RGB logo that used to easily import into CS2 Premiere ... and it won't import into CS5 Premiere either.


                      The 'new' logo was originally done in CMYK but I read in another thread it had to be converted to RGB mode first...tried that and it still won't come in to PP. It seems this is a major problem/bug with CS5 that isn't being answered as this has been cited on these forums for over a year now with no real solution.


                      I recently upgraded from CS2 Production Studio to CS5 and had to get a new computer to do it.



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                        Anri Orlow Level 1

                        And me. I have exactly the same problem when I try to import regular mov footage. h.264 or DNxHD, I have it recently. What's solution?